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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 5, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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family almost her whole live. all experienced sailors now in trouble. effort happening right now over 1000 miles off the coast of mexico. dan. reporter: vikki, that distance you just referenced that is what is making this search effort difficult. november that go a 1 year old girl needing immediate medical attention is on period a small ship. its a as international guard is doing everything they can to save her. >> that's the bay areas 129th rescue wing of the international guard in action. on thursday they pair chuted down to a a rebel heart. here is a family video taken from the ship. according to the family's website they are slowly sailing around the world with two small children that includes 1 year old lyra who is gravely ill. according to the international guard, the rebel heart has lost communication and steering abilities that is what sent this raft into the pacific
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ocean with four medical trained airman. they were able to reach the rebel heart and stabilize her cop digs, and needs to get back on land and into a hospital immediately. on saturday, the latest stage of the rescue effort is under way. a national guard rescue ship is on route to the rebel heart to help with the medical care. a contingency plan is already in place. helicopters will launch and fly over the location, hoist lyra and her familiar leave on to the hovering chopper to fly them to the nearest hospital more than a thousand miles away. now no word has been sent back yet this the rebel heart on the condition, you can be sure we'll monitor the effort to save her. and on our website at first on kron4 two convenience store employees fight back after an armed
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robber enter the store. mike shows us the surveillance video you saw on our morning news and how the clerks spoiled the robbery. >> heart went pretty fast, i got butter flies in the stomach. reporter: it's a routine shift turned violent as shown in this video, ski mask comes behind the counter and pulls a gun just after 11:00 a friday night. he. >> he saying give me the cash. reporter: and tells me rather than hand over the money he took action. out of in i think he grabbed for the gun. >> i grabbed the barrel with my right hand, handle with the left, twisted the gun so it was pointed at him. so if it was loaded and he pulled the trigger he is going to shoot himself. reporter: the robber ran out of the store, you can also see mark now has the suspect's gun
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which he handed over to police. >> never seen anything like that. reporter: bought this 7-11 back in 1990. and installed the cameras to deter robberies like this one. you can see the robber without his mask perhaps unaware this camera. >> you are on the camera if you come into this store, the message i am not sending we are going to fight you for your gun, you are on a security system, you are probably going to be caught. reporter: an employee of only 6 months he says despite the close call he will stay an employee and work every upcoming shift. >> i am not afraid. ain't nothing different. as it turns out the robber's gun was not loaded but glad to get it off the street. urge to call police. a woman in walnut creek, the victim of an armed robbery,
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happened at 11:15. that is where we find phillip, police are calling a rare brazen act. reporter: rare indeed, vikki and the people i have spoken with today who come here to shop and to eat were absolutely shocked to hear that an armed robbery happened exactly where i am standing but it did happen proving that no city is immune to crime. >> it's very surprising. reporter: and the walnut creek police say the robbery took a matter of seconds. >> it's a reality check. reporter: the woman was standing here light friday night, in front of the tavern when police say a man approached her. >> the suspect demanded the victim's purse, grabbed it from her and reason. reporter: woman's iphone. before jumping into a red honda civic and taking off. hill says the victim couldn't provide a description of the driver but says she did get a good look at the man who held her up.
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she tells police he wore a dark scarf to cover his face and a dark hood i. >> described as a black male, approximately 6'1". reporter: rare occurrence in walnut creek. >> we haven't seen a trend or series this nature. reporter: this couple moved here from oakland and can't believe this happened in this city. >> we were actually just talking earlier about walnut creek such a safe place. >> we have a 4.5 month old, we moved here because it's a safer neighborhood and to think that this could happen is scary. >> you should no matter where you are be cautious. not take your safety for granted. reporter: bill stock ford said the area is still safe but as broadway plaza continues to expand he says more of these types of incidents may occur. >> this is more of a regional shopping center you are attracting a lot more people and with that you are tracking
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embezzlements which aren't as he will ems -- elements which aren't as glad as the people in walnut creek. reporter: by not struggling with the man and luckily she was not nursed. live in walnut creek tonight kron4. oakland police are investigating after a with's bad yes was found near lake mayor receipt, before 7:00 this morning, at the park a few buildings from the blake. the woman had been assaulted but did not appear to have been shotted. a victim of an accused dug addicted police officer, concord k-9 officer said to have used his status as a police officer to gain entry into senior citizens homes and taking their prescription pain drugs for his own use. has the victim's story. >> he need toss pay for what he did. reporter: the last four months were torture as helen puts it.
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she says officer matthews says repeatedly harass the her and took her prescription medication. helen says the k-9 officer approached her on the narco says it helps train his dog, got him a bottle. but when he brought it back it was half empty. then it got worse from there. >> i was basically going out because he was taking them all from me. reporter: helen who has had a list of surgeries and suffers from chronic pain says he offered to take her prescription toss get them filled at the pharmacy but would never deliver on his promises. >> he would come back, say, oh, my wife washed my pants and it had the prescription in them or some excuse. reporter: it wasn't just helen. the district attorney says there were at least 3 victims who repeatedly had to give up
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their meds. finally, relief to the arrive. >> you can't call the police on the police. i knew he was going to get caught sooner or later. so i am so glad it was sooner. reporter: reporting in concord, a lease i can't reed kron4. a somber look at those lives lost in the fort hood shooting. plus a vehicle recall that could have car owners reaching for a can of raid, we'll tell you the problem. streets will be closed tomorrow, we'll show you the places to avoid as marathoners take over. and we are going to be warming things up for tomorrow, future cast is showing 80s on the forecast for sunday. library have the forecast companying up. bulldog: oh boy!
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san francisco is, it's along the great highway, outer mission, got a line there across the bridge, and then back across the span east through the -- ma run a, poke and lack in street, civic center plaza near city hall. drivers can expect delays. we posted all the specifics on in the east bay parking to get to the downtown, hot spot is going to cost you. we will show you which city is making you pay for more to park. i never oh, god please don't let it be. tonight we're hearing more about the fort hood shooting victims and hear from their heart break ebb families -- heartbroken families.
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we are learning more about the victims in this week's deadly shooting rampage, friends and family of those killed, are speaking out about
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their loved ones. reporter: sergeant first class danny fergusson is being remembered as a hero, protecting a room full of others. using his own body as a barricade in front of the door. kristen hailey was near by when the gun fire erupted. >> he health that door shut, there was no locks, if he was not leaning against the door holding it, that shooter would have been able to get through and shoot everyone else. reporter: a tall inned athlete, he was guess ticked for greatness, fergusson had returned from a tour in afghanistan, he died doing what he loved. serving his country. >> he did have the pleasure of serving, this was his life. and he was so proud to be apart of such a great service. reporter: a counselor and father of two, sergeant timothy owens just signed up for another 6 years in the army. recently remarried the 37 year old dedicated his life to
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helping fellow soldiers, the mother tried calling her son. >> he didn't answer the phone so i left a message on his phone, saying call me so i know if you are okay or not. well, never got no call from him. oh, god, please don't let it be. reporter: in sergeant car loss rod rig he enlisted as soon as he could, at age 18, caring leader, the native puerto reek an, he planned to retire at the end of this year. among the 16 wounded, sergeant johnathan westbrook a former bank teller and dedicated father of 3 from mississippi who joined the around me 3 years ago. west barack worked in the office where the shooting began. he was hit by 3 bullets in his chest, in one of his arms. in new york state native major patrick miller is in stable condition after 2 surgeries. two time combat veteran has
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masters degrees in business and -- friends call him the glue that keeps them together. >> obviously this is a wound on his belt but he will -- he will move on. reporter: move on but never forget. john per man cnn new york. the family of the shooter ivan lopez released a statement following the shooting, this situation is very painful. i see prayers for all the families affected fore more -- my son must not have been in his right mind. here in san francisco took 200 guns off the street, during a gun buy back program. attendees were able to drop off the guns and assault rifles with no questions scd. help reduce the risk of accidental shootings. >> really what we are looking at is the handguns, we are
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trying to reduce those numbers and the availability of those firearms. reporter: received a hundred dollars for every gun they turned in and $200 for every assault rifle. a water 8 people have been rescued by the coast guard after their boat caught fire in san francisco bay, about a half mile -- 5 adults and 3 children, they were all wearing life jacket grass a san francisco man is in jail after police say he probed a gas station, employees say eric johnson pulled out a gun, jumped over the counter and grabbed money from the register, he fled in a truck leading them on a high speed chase, the truck lost control and hit 3 parked cars. he fry today fully on foot, he was arrested for robber reef and position of a stolen vehicle. after a home caught fire, happened around 2:30 on jewell
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street, firefighters save the neighbors saw the flames before trying to put the fire out with a hose. fortunately the fire was contained to the attic, an jan lines that over heated parked the fire. it could cost you more to park in walnut creek, it will cost $2 an hour to park at most meters downtown, they have been only paying a buck an hour. there is glad news for drivers the first hour of parking will be free in city owned garages. spiders are forcing a recall of 42000 vehicles, spiders may build webs and block the' vibrative canister hose that could lead to 2010- 2012 mazda 6 vehicles, mazda says it will notify owners and dealers will fix the problem at no charge, this is the second time in 3 years mazda has
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issued a recall because of spiders. really? who would have guessed. >> go figure. nice day for kite flying, look at the big blue dies up there at golden bay park. after what was a fairly cool and rainy week. temperatures today in the 60s most spots around the bay area, san francisco going up to 61, a few 70s, antioch and santa rosa in 70, temperatures were up 5- 10 degrees warmer than what we had yesterday. as we go into tomorrow it looks like we'll be 5-10 degrees warmer, we are going to warm things up as we go through the next few day, 80s on the way in some parts of the bay area for our sunday. here is a live few at sfo, mostly clear skies with the exception of a few high clouds. for tonight clear conditions with patchy fog rolling in after midnight tonight. patches into the bay. and that should clear away fast tomorrow.
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sunny day, off shore winds are developing, temperatures are going to climb. warmer temperatures on the way for monday. could see a lot of 80s popping up even into the south bay. here is the satellite view, clear conditions there is a weather system to the north, that is staying well to the north of the bay area and notice what is is happening here at the clouds there, beginning to arc up and over this is a glad sign that a warm air mass is developing in the pacific and heading our way. look for mid to upper 70s, south bay, reaching the 80s, we'll see 80s into fairfield, liver moore, 78 degrees, low to mid-70s by the bay. san francisco going up about 10 degrees for tomorrow up to 70 degrees. oakland 75 and temperatures will get even warmer still for monday and tuesday, i will have the forecast for next week, later on, vikki. the bay areas water luck union city matched 5 of the 6
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numbers drawn in the mega millions lottery for a jackpot of 32 -- winning numbers on your screen, that ticket was told they island pacific boulevard, one person in southern california matched all 6:00 p.m.s will take home a $30 million jackpot. next up, diamond dish goes to washington, yes that is a selfie with the advise president. i will take you into the white house that takes you into a celebration. a slide show held in my honor, it include -- with the driver doing dough nows, i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. word of the day, break, go to and click on rewards, enter the word broke, you will start earning points
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and enter to win cool prizes.
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. this is a ramp 4 being vandalized in a side show inoke land, it has a bit of significance. later the car was set gabelles, the reason it was set i can't fire blew my mind. this was a side show dedicate today me so the car was to bed. why, it seemed that the people involved are not happy with my reports involving side slow shows, one of many videos hidden on instagram, each clip is less than 15 seconds long. will is a flyer that was posted
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advertising a side show warning if the police were there they have hadn't regroup. if you have been following the people behaving badly i have done idiot i can event moan as side shows from ghost riding the whip to sliders, where people do circles in the middle of the street for no other reason because they have no better reason to do it. they have a side show and using my name, except in short clips there are sounds of shots fired, cars crash into what appears to be fire hide rants and other thing, not to mention other doughnuts, this is disturbing to me that this is allowed to go on. i don't mean funny, the videos i see that side shoves happen 7th street near the port of oakland or -- and 106th and
8:26 pm
mcarthur. for the record, i am not even a slight business impressed that this side show of vandalism and illegal activity was done in my name, it took a lot of work to find these videos, there will be unhappy people out there, but, hey, it is what it is. i understand that side shows is oakland culture, i just wish there was something else for people to cling to instead of making the city look bad. stanley roberts kron4. if you have a comment or story idea, you can e-mail at us at coming up at 8:30 a northern california officer sentenced to over 200 years in jail, what he has did for what is keeping him locked up. heavy time behind bars for his alleged role in his corruption case, we'll havely landee. and temperatures are really going to sore the next few days, warm weather i will have
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your forecast for tomorrow. [doorbell rings]
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now for a look at tonight's big stories happening now, a bay area national guard team is on a rescue mission trying to rescue a sick baby in a remote part in the pacific ocean, hundreds of whiles off the coast of mexico. the family was on a trip around the world, they made a call for help, 900 miles for help. 7-11 are being hailed as heros tonight after stopping a robbery by grabbing the suspect's gun, this is video you saw first on kuala lumpur kuala lumpur it happened late at night, east 14th street, police say a man with a ski mask and a cash, the cashier charged the suspect and mapped to detain him until the police arrived. walnut creek police
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department investigating an armed robbery, a woman was held up at gun point outside of the tavern, a safe area normally, the man got away with the purse and iphone before jumping into a waiting honda civic. the victim fortunately was not injured. walnut creek police department is investigating an armed robbery, that happened at 11:15 -- we have we've done that story. a federally landee moving forward,ee has been formally invited along with 28 other people, serious charges that could mean more than 100 years in prison if convicted. tells us what we can expect as the case makes its way through court. reporter: suspended state senatorially landee, are among the 29 defendants in the grand jury indictment it includes 50 counts ranging from money
8:31 pm
laundering, arms dealing to ryan bribery and much of the prosecution's case relies on undercover fbi agents. >> they are going to be powerful in their testimony, they are employees of the federal government and much less subject to impeachment than say a niche. reporter: former u.s. attorney kevin ryan says with so many defendants the case will be complicated for the prosecution. >> the problem when you have a case like this, it can be so complicated that the jurors get lost. reporter: ryan anticipated some of the 29 defendants will make deals and testify for the government. while others possibly senator yee will ask to have his case separated from the other defendants. >> it's always to be easier in a position one on one than being part of a large group that is being charged and tried by the government. reporter: conspiracy to deal and import arms as well as bribery. specifically the indictment
8:32 pm
says yee and consultant keith jackson took part in a scheme to use yee's position as a state senate i don't remember to enrich they themselves and obtain money. reporter: they are due back in court for i can't rainment back on tuesday. at the federal courthouse. keep it here for the latest on that corruption case including more information on the people accused. we've also posted the full date on our website, it's all on a judge sentenced a former west sacramento police officer to 205 years in prison. he was charged with kidnapping and rape that happened on the job. wong reports. reporter: sergio kidnapping and rape charges, rocked the police department a the community. no cameras were allowed in court today but his 205 year- life sentence who represented 6 victims. >> he is getting what 200
8:33 pm
something years, will probably not get out. reporter: during the sentencing a letter from the estranged wife was red to the judge, she accused hot tempered and crazy just before his arrive. in a phone interview from more flor where she now lives, she is happy with the sentence. >> i am pretty pleased. reporter: rachel left him two hospitals before his arrive after a long history of domestic i can't because and violence. and there was more. >> led me to believe he was possibly a sexual predator. he had admitted to being a sex addict. reporter: this case was a challenge because it had victims of questionable character testifying against the police officer. he kidnapped and raped victims while on patrol at night. perform sex acts sometimes under a threat of arrive. >> these victims were vulnerable and that is why he prayed upon them. >> those women were cor rage
8:34 pm
use to come forward and against law enforcement so we are very proud of them. reporter: his attorney made one last effort for leniency, the judge disagreed. a concord family has filed a lawsuit against a teenager accused of hitting and kill ago father and daughter who were out bike riding. the accident happened two years ago, the reports 19 year old and his parents are being sued for negligence and wrong fill death. authorities say rosen was driving more than 70 miles an hour at the time of the crash and was not insured, attorneys for the family say rose in had a history of reckless driving, 7 years in confinement in 2012 but will be released when he turns 21. learning the identity of the 98 year old man who died after being hit by a car while crossing the street in berkeley, he was cross crossing the intersection when he was hit yesterday.
8:35 pm
the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with police. police do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor there. the family release add statement saying we are mourning the loss of our father and family member, we are also celebrating his long and health yes life. he is the child 6 immigrants, renowned psychologist, proud father of 4 and beloved local figure, he cherished his daily walks, he took them for 50 years, he died doing what he loved. we are learning a second student at uc berkeley is coming down with measles, attended classes the last week of march, the student also took a domestic flight out of oakland international airport on sunday and road bart. another student came down who traveled to asia. students are contacted and urged to get a measles shot. a search crew may have had a search for the missing
8:36 pm
malaysia airliner, scott thompson has more details on the potential breakthrough in this search. reporter: china's state nerves agency is reporting a patrol ship in the southern indiana ocean has discover add pulse signal. in addition to this chinese air force plane spotted objects in the area. the break search crews have been looking for, officials have yet to confirm the reports. air chief, issued the following statement, i have been advised that a series of sounds have been detected by a chinese ship in the area. consistent with the aircraft black b. a number of white objects also sighted on the surface, 90 km from the detection area. no confirmation at this stable that the signals and object the are related to the missing aircraft. while other country's search teams communicate with
8:37 pm
official, chinese reports first to beijing and then australia. this command structure is drawing criticism. >> somebody should be calling somebody else to say, here is what we are hearing, check it out. >> this could be the best break we got in the whole case but now people doubt it. reporter: search crew crews are in a -- could expire in a matter of days. australian officials are still considering whether or not to deploy search assets to the area where the chinese reportedly defected the pulse signal. british and australian royal navy have ships searching for wreckage. many people chose to soak up the sun in the golden gate park. take a look, you can see many people chose to picnic and play in the lawn where the plowerses are in full bloom. yeah, you november it's not too cold, not do hot. it's been nice. the kids loved it.
8:38 pm
>> just how warm did it get kron4. vikki it got up to 61 in san francisco as we were saying not too cold, not too warm for tomorrow things are going to warm up about another 5-10 degrees, it is going to get on the warm side especially when he get into the beginning of next week. live view, the bay bridge, clear skies for tonight, temperatures currently they cooled down, we are in the mid to upper 50s. san jose, same for oakland, brentwood a little warmer at 64. for tomorrow, it's going to be noticeably warmer. look for highs to go up into the 80s in some of the warmest spots. even by noon 70s in land, 60s by the bay and warm things up into the early to mid afternoon with sunny skies and those highs will be about 5-10 degrees warmer than what we had today, look for 70s for san francisco and oakland, mid-70s, even 80s in land even warmer
8:39 pm
for monday and tuesday, i'll have the rest of the forecast later on, vikki. >> getting accept today the college of your choice is one of the biggest anxieties, any senior can have, what if you had a choice between more than a dozen, most are ivy league schools, the young man who has to make that choice. coming up with a vehicle versus pedestrian accident caught on camera why it was the driver who was the one seriously hurt.
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two teenagers have been arrested in a brutal mob beating in detroit, teens were part of a group that savagely beat a tree trimmer after he hit a by with his pickup truck. >> the man remains in critical condition. >> it's hard to see him laying in bed, not knowing who we are. >> 12 people may have taken a a
8:42 pm
part in that attack and surging the other suspects to turn themselves in. coming up, dinner with the obamas, i dine and dish about the white house in an event in this very special edition in dine and dish, that's all ahead. twitter's new photo is rubbing a lot of users the wrong way, turn off the -- cannot be tagged in any pictures. coming up in my tech report.
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a senior at oakland tech high school has a list of impressive colleges to admit him. he does play baseball it is not his athletic abilities on the radar. reporter: role model and letting young men and women know that there is a lot of positivity in this city and no one can hold you back. reporter: ha is the kind of
8:45 pm
drive and determination that has been the key to his success. and it has paid off. he has been accept today more than a dozen universities. many of them are considered to be some of the best schools in the country. >> yale, come up by i can't, brown, usc, ucla, uc san diego, howard, northwestern. reporter: and he did it all on his own. no tutors, no private school, straight a's at oakland tech school. >> oakland in general gets a bad rap for not having good public education. so, for me, i just felt like -- i don't know. anybody can do it. so, why not go to the publishing school and do it from there and prove there is a lot more potential and capable students and great teachers, great staff here who allow us to do this and give us the
8:46 pm
resources we need to be college down. reporter: he is narrowing his choices down and pick a call on the east coast, probably one with a good baseball program, major is up in the air, prelaw or premed. i am jeff bush inoke land kron4. time now for dine and dish with vicki liviakis. sound greek to you, well they are, and last night i dined and dished on greek cuisine at the white house with the vice president, he did a selfie with me there and the president. they enjoyed the food and could pronounce it. it's not every day you dane and dish, greek restaurant is cooking. have you ever cooked with the president before. >> no. reporter: we are hereby invitation of the president. chef eric and marrow are
8:47 pm
preparing grilled octopus which had a secret service. >> do you know what the president's favorite food is. that i don't know. >> we'll find out. we did find out when the president and vice president welcomed us, interested in checking out the lamb chops. local napa wines from winery were being poured. about that baklava. we are going to change it to baraklava. that might only work in san francisco. grabbed my iphone for this quick selfie, we can enjoy the same food fit for a president right in our own backyard. >> i love that vikki baraklava.
8:48 pm
>> that looked like a great time. the sad part my invitation got lost. >> somehow it did. >> i can't figure it out. >> i will tell you all about it. >> great, i can't wait. clear skies right now over the baresarks a beautiful shot of san francisco. clear conditions all the way through midnight, low clouds developing as we get closer to morning, patch yes clouds early on. but lots of sunshine for the entire day, we'll see off shore winds develop and temperatures really going to warm up. start out the day with readings from low to mid-40s. upper 40s and low 50s by the bay but look at these numbers as we get in toward the afternoon, going up about 10 degrees in some spots, 76 in redwood city. 77 san jose, even temperatures getting into the 80s in loss gatos, evergreen, south san jose getting close to 80 and
8:49 pm
temperatures coming up a few more degrees for monday and tuesday, in land upper 70s to around 80 into fairfield, pittsburgh, liver moore, 788 degrees, low to mid-70s by the bay. 61 today going to you 70 for tomorrow, things warming up quickly. mid to upper 70s even low 80s north bay. oakland 75. 74-degrees san matt tse i don't, we'll have a nice day out at the motion with reading from the beaches in the 60s, high surf out there for tomorrow. here is the 7 day around the bay. lack at all that sunshine coming our way, temperatures sore monday and tuesday in land highs going into the 80s, upper 70s even close to 80. it will stay on the warm side, temperatures coming done a bit as we go through the week. but staying dry all the way
8:50 pm
through next weekend. now when you put the picture through twitter this b will show up under the image saying who is in this picture, you can type search for a name to tag someone, it's quick and easy and then when people sigh that picture on twitter, they'll see the person's name tagged on it. you probably won't care, it's not a big deal but it's that one picture that can back fire on you, something embarrasses or maybe you are playing hookee from work, or an old college picture of you passed out surfaces on twitter right when you are job hunting, here is how you can control it, go into twit tear privacy settings and looking for the tagging options, allowing any one to tag you info toes -- are our can play it safe and choose to not let any one tag you in picture, gabe slate kron4. you can ad him on facebook,
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follow him on twitter or e-mail him at archbishop will soon say good-bye to this controversial $2.2 million atlanta mansion. wow. catholic will ton gregory has decided to vacate after receiving backlash from his parishish, met with -- church leader has apologized for using donated funds to build the lavish home. as for the mansion it will be sold and the proceeds will be used to benefit the catholic community. waist ball highlights coming up. oh, yeah. go giants. stay tuned for sports next.
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hitting the theaters this week the return of captain america and unequivocally the -- jeremy ross has this week now showing. reporter: chris evans is back as captain america in the second in tallment of the super hero series. the film finds the captain continuing his fight to embrace the modern world. law fighting a men that is from his fast. this time around the -- to fight the enemy. captain america, the winter soldier is rated pg-13. in ron hemmingway. about a larger land life wise guy with a short interpreter.
8:55 pm
after a stent in prison, he is back in london looking for redemption. along the way he reconnects with his family but soon pulled back in a the only world he knows. hemmingway is rated r. for now showing i am jeremy. dodger blues, struck out 10 while working in to the 7th inning. dodgers in los angeles, buster -- homer for the vines who out scored the dodgers 15-6 in the first two cames of the series, hernandez took a shutout inoke land, to a 3-1 win, dustin -- deep to help felix win. holding the athletic toss just 1-6 hit in . this was a gorgeous day, it was a day to be out and about, are we going to have another
8:56 pm
one. warmer for tomorrow, see temperatures coming up in the next couple days, some of the warmest weather of the year so far. 80 degrees on the forecast map tomorrow for fairfield, look for 70s in most spots, even san francisco going up to 70 degrees. 70 for san jose. beach day about sunshine after morning clouds. big waves out there for tomorrow. be careful about that. next week, monday and tuesday the warmest days 80s and upper 70s by the bay. and sunny through the entire week, no rain in the forecast, turning cooler toward thursday and friday. but for outdoor activities outstanding weather coming up. we are so lucky. >> absolutely. you know, the air is clear after all the rains. >> really spectacular weather. i'm -- both enjoy it. >> brian, that's it for kron4, the latest nerve develop amounts at, or
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we're asking josh elliot about the rumors he's in line for matt lauer's job. >> plus, what we know about david letterman's surprise retirement. i'm roxy diaz. >> i'm rob marciano. >> a year from now i'll be on a beach with a metal detector. [ laughter ] after decades on the air, dave is just about done. now who will replace him? it will be tina or amy? ellen, neil patrick harris? >> cbs is interested in him. >> then the josh elliot side of the gma break up as robin roberts breaks news that michael strahan's gig may be a done deal. so excited about the addition of stray. kaley cuoco comes clean about her big bang breast implants. the before, the after, and our celeb selfie co


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